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Jeffcote, Caterina. 2004. Teaching technical translation at postgraduate level: trials and tribulations. Génesis 4 : 59–65.
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This paper investigates the teaching of technical translation from English into Greek. As most technical/scientific texts arriving in the Greek market are written in English, there is great demand for specialist translators. Training these translators is not always an easy task, as students may have to differentiate between the style used in the ST and the, often less elevated but equally informative, style they need to employ in their translation. It is essential to identify a very precise potential readership, as the end product is often aimed at a wider readership than its original. On the other hand, problems of a different nature arise when dealing with IT texts. Lack of standardisation may lead to the use of various Greek terms to convey one English term, or even to the use of the English term itself. This alters the conventional use of Greek grammar and syntax and creates a rather novel genre.
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