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Machado, Carlos. 2004. Tradução e pós-modernidade: implicações e consequências [Translation and post-modernity: implications and consequences]. Génesis 4 : 109–124.


The concept of ‘post-modernity’ refers to a galaxy of meanings and is subject to profound discussions among several social and human sciences. In every case, the central aspect of this concept is still used in many areas: to overcome or break away from Modernity, understood as a belief – founded for centuries, since the end of Renaissance until the 20th century (with the strong impetus of Enlightenment during the 18th century) – in the inalienable virtues and skills of human beings to represent and dominate by reasoning the world in which they live. This paper aims to detect some implications of the post-modern transformation upon the knowledge status and, from these implications, present some inevitable consequences in the areas of language philosophies underscoring translation practice and theory. It focuses particularly on the problematic issues of text authorship, textual hermeneutics limits and the perennial/decaying characteristics of texts that result from translation processes.
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