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Chan, Kar Yue. 2004. Building up a computerised mechanism for general translation business. Génesis 4 : 148–153.


The research is based on an experiment of designing a bilingual (in both English and Chinese) computer web-based content and a learning tool for the students of sub-degree level, with reference to subjects of ‘Introduction to Translation’ and ‘Translation for Practical Purposes’ of Higher Diploma in Bilingual Communication at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The research is divided into two parts: first, in the established web content there are introductions about the subjects, and the people see translation theories accompanied by translation examples done by past translators, or by the researcher herself, or by past higher diploma students. The second part contains a learning tool for students, in which they encounter some translation exercises, and hence be guided to some tactics for problem solving. Finally, the paper describes an experiment asking students of different stages to try to use the web for learning.
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