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Klaudy, Kinga. 1996. Back-translation as a tool for detecting explicitation strategies in translation. In Klaudy, Kinga, José Lambert and Anikó Sohár, eds. Translation Studies in Hungary. Budapest: Scholastica. pp. 99–114.
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This paper describes an experiment aimed at detecting explicitation strategies in translation by using back-translation as an experimental tool. The Hungarian text of a speech was translated into English by an experienced professional translator (English Translation-ET) and translated back by translation-trainees (back-translated Hungarian text-BHT). The purpose of the experiment was to discover, whether the explicitations (or in other words, the additional information) in the Hungarian-English translation disappeared in the English-Hungarian back-translation or not. Also, if it was possible to detect the ‘traces’ of explicitations made by the translator in the Hungarian translation after back-translating the text or not.
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