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Hung, Eva and Judy Wakabayashi, eds. 2005. Asian translation traditions. Manchester: St. Jerome. 200 pp.
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Also reviewed in: Jeremy Munday (2007). “Translation Studies”. #Years Work Critical and Cultural Theory# 15 (1): 203-216.


Translation Studies, one of the fastest developing fields in the humanities since the early 1980s, has so far been Euro-centric both in its theoretical explorations and in its historical grounding. One of the major reasons for this is the unavailability of reliable data and systematic analysis of translation activities in non-European cultures. This book brings together eleven scholars with expertise in different Asian translation traditions who highlight language and cultural environments as well as perceptions and modes of operation often different from those in the Western tradition. Their contributions enhance the understanding of the various elements that influence the transfer of knowledge across cultures and provide invaluable data for the study of translation as a force for cultural development and cultural planning. Contributors include Eva Hung, Judy Wakabayashi, Lawrence Wong, Yoshihiro Osawa, Teresa Hyun, Keith Taylor, G.N. Devy, Rita Kothari, Doris Jedamski, Raniela Baraza and Bill Cummings.
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