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Ladmiral, Jean-René. 1998. Le prisme interculturel de la traduction [The intercultural prisma of translation]. In Bensimon, Paul and Didier Coupaye, eds. Traduire la culture [Translating culture]. Special issue of Palimpsestes 11: 15–30.


The expression "intercultural communication" regains intellectual luster when brought together with "translation in intercultural communication". In being so combined, it produces an object of study that may be formulated as “Translating language, translating culture". The fundamental problem involved in this formulation is literalness. This calls into question not only the status of literature and of the text-object but confronts us with the political burden of languages and with all that a language brings with it. In fact, the manner in which a text is translated determines the socio-cultural level of the source text and does this in a paradoxically retrospective manner. We must know whether we should translate what is implicit, particularly, culturally implicit. It is clear that in this there are clear divides. The above considerations bring us to a wider linguistic problematic, toward a philosophical questioning of the link between translation and intercultural communication. The author attempts to construct translation as a paradigm of intercultural communication.
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