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Richard, Jean-Pierre. 1998. Traduire l'ignorance culturelle [Translating cultural ignorance]. In Bensimon, Paul and Didier Coupaye, eds. Traduire la culture [Translating culture]. Special issue of Palimpsestes 11: 151–160.
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A writer playing upon the plural nature of his/her own culture can choose to make some of his/her readers aware of their (partial) cultural ignorance. How can internal cultural distance be translated, when terms of reference cannot be altered (African American culture in John Edgar Wideman's Philadelphia Fire or pre-steam Royal Navy jargon and slang in Kipling) ? When translation is compounded by a change of culture due either to space or time, the translator can try and create for his/her reader, parallel to the text, an exceedingly vast field of knowledge with the double aim of a) providing access to the original culture b) make him/her aware of a readers potential ignorance in that particular area of knowledge. [Source: Abstract in journal]
Source : Abstract in journal