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Darwish, Ali. 2004. الإنـترنت وأدب الاستباحة: أثرهما في توثيق المعارف المترجمة إلى العربية في عصر العولمة والمسكـنة [The Internet and culture of intellectual appropriation: impact on authentication of information translated into Arabic]. @turjuman Online. URL
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Published concurrently in #al-Manac# (04 February 2004). No page numbers available.


The rapid development in Information Technology and communications in the first decade of the twenty-first century is leading to greater dependence on the Internet in many parts of the world as a primary source of live and vital information in what has come to be known both as the Globalization Age and the Age of Mediocrity. This paper argues that the Internet has opened the door probably too wide to electronic publishing and given the opportunity to writers, researchers and translators to use the Internet as their primary information source, either to cut and paste someone else's intellectual property or to validate terminology and information already translated, retranslated or back-translated from such sources by someone else. This phenomenon of intellectual appropriation is rampant in translation, academia, the media and other areas of intellectual endeavor today, particularly in receptor, consumer, developing countries, where intellectual property laws hardly exist. This article examines the impact of the Internet and the culture of intellectual appropriation on the authentication of information translated into Arabic today.
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