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Ferreira-Alves, Fernando. 2005. Uma experiência de aprendizagem colaborativa: contributos para repensar o ensino da tradução [An experience of collaborative learning: contributions to rethinking translator training]. Confluéncias 2. URL
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Based on the constructivist theory model, this paper aims to present a brief, yet practical account of an innovative pedagogical experience at university level. The current market trends in terms of the most adequate translator profile and skills will inevitably imply a profound redefinition of the own nature and function of translator training. The experience of collaborative learning is, therefore, one of the most viable ways to train and instruct future translators, and a rather useful tool for teaching purposes, since it permits to simulate a real-life translation assignment, to develop and manage a full translation project, by promoting new values and principles that are absolutely necessary in order to meet the evolving market demands and to reach high-standard job satisfaction.
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