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Hewson, Lance. 1996. Le niveau de langue repère: la spécification en traduction. Le cas (particulier) des situatiolectes [The language level: specification in translation. The (particular) case of situatiolects]. In Gadet, Françoise. Niveaux de langue et variation intrinsèque [Register and intrinsic variation]. In : 17–35. : 115–121.
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Through the study of situatiolects (phraseologies solving a potentially divisive situation), a number of linguistic features are observed describing one of the two types of pragmatic modes: specification presented in opposition to interlocution. To specification are associated two other modes of discourse : technolects and sociolects which are shown to evince a similar "supersedure of meaning by function" or the institution of difference in order to fulfill a purpose. The consequences of these observations on the translation process are seen to consist in the capacity for the translator to match more efficiently specified forms and functions across cultures.
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