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Lefevere, André. 1991. Translation and comparative literature: the search for the center. Traduction Terminologie Rédaction (TTR) 4 (1) : 129–144.


This article, written by André Lefevere, focuses on the translation of literature. The author compares two ways of approaching translation: the workshop approach (teaching students how to translate), and the study of translation or translation studies (the theoretical approach). Translations need to be made, but translations also need to be studied. The study of translation touches on the very core of literary theory and comes as such closer to the centre than the workshop approach. To be able to analyze things literary, translation studies work with a number of variables. This kind of analysis has been made possible by “a turn to history” or even anthropology, taken recently in translation studies, and not so recently in other disciplines belonging to the humanities.
Source : K. Foelen