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Li, Defeng (李德凤). 2005. Teaching of specialized translation courses in Hong Kong: a curricular analysis. Babel 51 (1) : 62–77.
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This article presents a survey of specialized translation courses in tertiary institutions in Hong Kong. By way of an example, a curricular analysis is made of the course Commercial/Business Translation offered at various translation programs in seven universities, following which recommendations are put forth for improving teaching of specialized translation course. The author argues for the adoption of a combination of Kiraly’s social-constructivist approach and the conventional cognitive approach to bring about the best result of translator training, that is, ascertaining that translation trainees will receive the needed translation methods handed down from our predecessors and meanwhile develop in themselves the learner autonomy which is so crucial for professional translation. In order to strengthen to social-constructive aspect of translation teaching, a task-based curriculum should be adopted and authentic training promoted; While striving to augment the development of learner autonomy, attention should be given to the training of translation students’ reference finding skills.
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