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Weijden, C. J. M. van der. 1976. De technisch-wetenschappelijke vertaler in het bedrijf, zijn taak, vakgebieden en terminologieproblemen [The technical-scientific translator in companies, his tasks, field of study and terminology problems]. In Fritschy, Gerard, Christine Oberman and Hans Warendorf, eds. Vertalen vertolkt: verhalen over vertalen [Translating interpreted: stories about translating]. Leiden: Nederlands Genootschap van Tolken en Vertalers. pp. 113–119.
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A technical-scientific translator who works in the translation office of a large company is often facing terminology problems. Ideally, companies will ensure that translators are specialized in certain fields of study, although it is not always easy to differentiate between all fields of study within a company. The problem is that these different fields do not all require a full-time translator, so in practice translators will have to be versatile all-rounders and be able to cope with the different fields of study, without actually being very specialized. The author describes the difficulties these people are faced with and illustrates this with some examples.
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