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The task of ETC, the European Translations Centre, is the documentation of scientific translations from a so-called difficult language (Russian, Chinese, Japanese) to a western language (English, French, German). The purpose of the ETC is threefold: 1/ the integration of the scientific and technological knowledge of Eastern Europe and the Asian countries in the total knowledge potential of the western countries; 2/ the exchange of knowledge using translations; 3/ avoiding duplication in this field. The ETC publishes the 'World Index of Scientific Translations and List of Translations Notified to ETC; and also 'Translations journals, a bibliography of cover-to-cover translations and multilingual publications. For translators, the ETC can be useful in five ways: 1/ a good organisation results in more work for translators, 2/ the ETC passes on translation jobs and new translators, 3/ it offers the possibility of re-translation, 4/ there is the possibility to orient oneself in the terminology of a new speciality, 5/ duplicate work is avoided.
Source : F. Note