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Citroen, I. J. 1976. Het instituut voor de opleiding tot vertaler en tolk aan de universiteit van Amsterdam [The institute for training for translators and interpreters of the university of Amsterdam]. In Fritschy, Gerard, Christine Oberman and Hans Warendorf, eds. Vertalen vertolkt: verhalen over vertalen [Translating interpreted: stories about translating]. Leiden: Nederlands Genootschap van Tolken en Vertalers. pp. 243–249.


In this article, the author describes the history and the organisation of the Institute for training for translators and interpreters at the university of Amsterdam. He also discusses the organisation of the schooling itself and mentions some special subjects that are being instructed. Furthermore, the study programme is mentioned, and the results of the Institute: in 1969 (the institute exists since 1963) had awarded 23 students with a diploma.
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