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Hulkkonen, Markus. 1989. Zu einigen terminologischen Problemen bein übersetzen ökonomischer Texte [About terminological problems when translating economical texts]. In Sorvali, Irma, ed. Papers in Translation Studies: Prague - Kouvola (Kouvolan kääntäjänkoulutuslaitoksen julkaisuja Sarja A, 05). Helsinki: Helsinki University Press. pp. 45–58.
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This article focuses on terminological problems that may occur in translating into Russian and Finnish, mainly due to the science reform Perestroijka. This Perestroijka has caused thet many new words were born, words disppeared, meanings changed and broadened. This causes problems for translators, the authoer presents some examples in the text. Focus is on neutral terminology, terminology from capitalist times, terminology about the 'planned' science system.
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