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Déjean le Féal, Karla. 1993. Pédagogie raisonnée de la traduction [Reasoned didactics of translation]. Meta 38 (2) : 155–197.


The pedagogy proposed by the author aims at forming true specialists of transcultural communication who do not only know how to translate, but also know how to organise and master communication thanks to the conscience of all the particularities and constraints of communication. Because communication between language barriers and cultures is the focus of this method, communication focuses on the acquisition of specific techniques and strategies which this type of communication requires. The approach of the pedagogy is based on modern translation theory which states that translation fidelity isn’t a case of correspondence between words of the source and target languages, but of equivalence of meaning, stylistic effects and the global orientation of the original text and its translation. [Source: K. Foelen]
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