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Mejri, Salah. 2000. L'écriture littéraire bilingue: traduction ou réécriture? Le cas de Salah Guermadi [Bilingual literary writing: translation or rewriting? The case of Salah Guermadi]. In Mejri, Salah and Taïeb Baccouche, eds. La traduction dans le monde arabe [Translation in the Arabic world]. Special issue of Meta. Journal des Traducteurs, Translators' Journal 45 (3): 450–457.
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The original experience of the Tunisian writer Salah Guermadi, who published some of his works both in Arabic and in French, provides an occasion to explain the nonconformity of the translated texts with the original ones by the translator’s attitude or skill. Since it is a work of rewriting, this writer’s texts offer the opportunity to identify the elements which are necessarily different from one text to another. It is through the study of one of his novels that it can be concluded that some linguistic specificities defy any translating process (language levels, stereotypy, shared beliefs, etc.).
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