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Ammann, Margret, Barbara Löwe, Peter A. Schmitt and Manuel Vermeer. 1989. Grundlagen der modernen Translationstheorie: ein Leitfaden für Studierende [Foundations of modern Translation theory: a guideline for students] (Translatorisches Handeln Wissenschaft 1). Heidelberg: Universität Heidelberg. 94 pp.


In this monograph, the author wants to establish a relationship between theory and practice in modern translation (Translatologie). First, the author deals with the current situation, state of the art and the professional activities in translation studies. Furthermore the author presents an introduction in the modern translation theory. Finally, in the last chapter, the author deals with the practical consequences of the theoretical considerations. The author points out that his work is nothing more that a directive and provides the reader with an extensive bibliography for further study.
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