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Veisbergs, Andrejs, Ieva Zauberga and Beata Pernica, eds. 1997. The first Riga symposium on pragmatic aspects of translation. Riga: University of Latvia. 170 pp.
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Conference held in Riga, October 3-5, 1996. No ISBN number available.


The first Riga Symposium on pragmatic aspects of translation was held at the University of Latvia on October 3-5, It was the first Riga based international conference dedicated to Translation Studies. The Symposium was organised within the framework of the cooperation programme between the University of Mainz and the University of Latvia. The papers delivered at the symposium in English and German addressed a wide range of translation related issues, including linguistic, cultural, historical and academic aspects. The time span reviewed spread from the 17th century to the modern day, providing also certain insights into the future.
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