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Zanettin, Federico, Silvia Bernardini and Dominic Stewart, eds. 2003. Corpora in translator education. Manchester: St. Jerome. 153 pp.


The use of language corpora as a resource in linguistics and language-related disciplines is well-established. One of the many fields where the impact of corpora has growing in recent years is translation, both at a descriptive and a practical level/ The papers in this volume are principally concerned with the use of corpora as resources for the translator and as teaching and learning aids in the context of the translation classroom. The book offers a cross-section of research by some leading scholars in this field, who offer accounts of first-hand experience and theoretical insights into the various ways of building and using appropriate corpora in translation teaching, for the benefit of teachers and learners alike. The various contributions provide a rich source of inspiration for other researchers and practitioners concerned with corpora in translator education.
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