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Königs, Frank G. and Reinhard Kaufmann. 1996. Processus mentaux étudiés chez des sujets allemands apprenant le français lorsqu'ils sont en train de traduire [Mental processes in German students of French while they are translating]. In Königs, Frank G., ed. Le(s) processus de la traduction [Translation process(es)]. Special issue of Meta. Journal des Traducteurs, Translators' Journal 41 (1): 7–25.


This article reports on an experiment in which German students of French translated a German text into French using a thinking-aloud protocol. The goal of the experiment was to collect data on the translation process as it actually occurs. Using a set of previously determined parameters, the authors analyze the data. Their findings are seen as contributing to a theory of the translation process itself and whose objective is translation not as it should take place, but as it actually takes place.
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