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Campillo, Denise and Mireille Lanctôt. 1992. Quelques observations sur des traductions de Jabberwocky de Lewis Carroll [Some observations on the translations of Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll]. Meta 37 (2) : 214–231.
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In this article, the authors analyse two French translations of Lewis Carroll’s poem Jabberwocky. They do not intend to take part in one of the two main currents in translatology, i.e. the source-oriented or the target-oriented approach. Instead, by examining certain elements of the discourse, the authors try to highlight the strategies adopted by the translators. One of the tools used by the authors of this article to analyse the translations, is semiotic connotation. By highlighting several connotations, the text can be read in several ways. By doing so, the translator can use multiple possibilities to compensate. The translator’s work is thus placed in the perspective of a deliberate and critical intervention.
Source : K. Foelen