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Cabré Castellví, María Teresa. 1991. Terminologie ou terminologies? Spécialité linguistique ou domaine interdisciplinaire? [Terminology or terminologies? Linguistic specialty or interdisciplinary domain?] In Cormier, Monique C. and Jacques Lethuillier, eds. La terminologie dans le monde: orientations et recherches [Terminology in the world: trends and research]. Special issue of Meta. Journal des Traducteurs, Translators' Journal 36 (1): 55–63.


This article is a reflection on the delimitation of terminology, rather than a research on the goal of terminology or its working field. The fundamental goal of this article is to investigate the following questions: the actual diversification of the notion of terminology, the place of terminology in science and technology, the necessity to define terminographic working methods and the organisation of research work. The author brings up subjects such as technical and scientific normalisation, terminological confusion, necessary diversification, terminological agents, justification and finalities of terminological research, and authorities in terminological standardisation.
Source : K. Foelen