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Druviete, Ina. 2002. The future of the Latvian language in the enlarged European Union. In Ivbulis, Viktors, ed. Language, literature and translation manipulations. Special issue of Humanities and Social Sciences. Latvia 1 (34): 34–46.
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Article in Special issue
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Special Issue.


The issue of language maintenance has often been raised by members of Latvian language community. Language maintenance is the ability of a community to use its language in the most significant sociolinguistic functions and to transmit it to the next generation even under unfavourable political and economic circumstances. The language policy in Latvia has to be implemented in a complex and competitive general language situation. . Realistic evaluation of the present positions of the Latvian Language would allow to make forecasts on the future in connection with objective ethnodemographic, economic, political processes in the country. Latvia and other Eastern European states are now a member of the European Union. Therefore it is necessary to discuss the sociolinguistic situation in Latvia in close connection with the role of the future member states' languages within the EU in order to make forecasts for the third millennium for Latvian.
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