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In this paper the author shares some of the trials, tribulations and difficult renderings she encountered while practising the craft of translation. The aim of this paper is to encourage translators to translate more works from English into Spanish since it is important to Peruvians to understand how English speakers perceive their culture. The author considers it necessary to call attention to the urgent need for translations into Spanish of Peruvianist works since the gap of what is known in English and that which is translated grows greater every year. This gap is not lessened by conferences for several reasons. The first is that conferences of specialists in Peru take place out of the country and rarely have a Peruvian member. Secondly, foreign specialists and Peruvians often find it difficult to communicate even on the same subject because of deep intercultural differences. Therefore translators should assume as their professional responsibility the reducing of the information gap and the promoting of intercultural understanding between Peruvians and Peruvianists.
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