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In this paper, the author shows that 1) the bilingual lexicography is a field that has not often been object of research; 2) the information that a non-expert translator must find in a bilingual lexicography work in order to realize properly the codification process, are of three different sorts: a) semantical, b) syntactical and c) lexical (recurrent combinations of each entry); 3) this information does not systematically appear in a conventional bilingual dictionary. In this paper the author presents some articles from the BECD (bilingual explanatory and combinatory dictionary), that contain the information she demonstrates to be necessary in a codification process. This dictionary’s entries will first be the Spanish lexemes, linguistic equivalences of the verbal items of the FF inventory. The basis of this dictionary will be a distributional analysis of the target-language. So this work represents a practical essay to renovate the bilingual lexicography in such a way to satisfy the users’ needs.
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