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Valdivieso, C. and C. Fuenzalida. 1990. Reading comprehension in a second language by higher education students: the role of translation. In Cabrera Ponce de Hagel, Ileana, ed. La traduction dans le monde hispanolusophone [Translation in the Spanish and Portuguese world]. Special issue of Meta. Journal des Traducteurs, Translators' Journal 35 (3): 582–585.
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Easy reading in a second language has shown a definite influence on the academic performance of higher education students. When there is poor reading comprehension in a second language even when the reader is familiar with the subject itself, difficulties arise. For their research on this matter, the authors reviewed the literature on the subject in two computerized data bases. The descriptors used were: second language, reading comprehension and higher Education. Under the three descriptors together they found only one study addressing the relationship of those variables. That only study was conducted in Nigeria and it found several causes of difficulty in interpretation. It also uncovered some implications in teaching. This scarcity of studies reveals, in fact, the need for research on reading comprehension in a second language.
Source : K. Foelen