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Jensen, Astrid. 2005. Coping with metaphor: a cognitive approach to translating metaphor. Hermes 35 : 183–209.
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This article focuses on the translation of metaphor by expert translators, young professional translators and non-professional translators. The approach adopted here treats translation of metaphor as a conceptual rather than a purely linguistic phenomenon, based on the framework sometimes referred to as conceptual metaphor theory (CMT), which is based on Lakoff & Johnson (1980) and Lakoff & Turner (1989). The basic assumption behind this study is that translating metaphor requires translator competence, which among other things entails an awareness of the duality of the metaphor as both a mental concept and linguistic expressions. It is further assumed that translation competence is developed through extensive training and translation experience. The study starts with a qualitative analysis of the metaphorical expressions and translation strategies in the sample texts, followed by a quantitative analysis whereby the frequencies of metaphor transference across languages and across groups are counted.
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