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Chaume Varela, Frederic. 2001. La pretendida oralidad de los textos audiovisuales y sus implicaciones en traducción [The intended oral character of audiovisual texts and its implications for translation]. In Chaume Varela, Frederic and Rosa Agost Canós, eds. La traducción en los medios audiovisuales [Translation in the audio-visual media] (Estudis sobre la Traducció 7). Castelló de la Plana: Universitat Jaume I. pp. 77–88.
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Audiovisual texts contain a significant number of signifiers and possess a rhetorical complexity as a result of its textual configuration. This study examines texts which transmit information through at least two channels, the acoustic and visual one, codified through different signfication systems. Its aim is to analyse the signification codes in order to distinguish rhetorical conventions and to draw valid translation conclusions to compose a new target text which respects the semantic framework of the original text.
Source : P. Van Mulken