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Segovia, Raquel. 2001. Adaptación, traducción y otros tipos de transferencias [Adaptation, translation and other transfers]. In Chaume Varela, Frederic and Rosa Agost Canós, eds. La traducción en los medios audiovisuales [Translation in the audio-visual media] (Estudis sobre la Traducció 7). Castelló de la Plana: Universitat Jaume I. pp. 223–230.
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When translation studies widened its scope and ventured upon examining film and television adaptations it faced a terminological problem. Eventhough adaptation shares a number of characteristics with translation it cannot be considered as such, warranting the introduction of a new term, namely "transfer", a superior category which includes both translation and adaptation. Drawing on Jakobson's famous three-part classification the author discusses the terminological problem and proceeds to explaining the transfer process. Secondly he provides some key characteristics of adaptation and concludes by looking at the similarities between translation and adaptation.
Source : P. Van Mulken