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Sapiro, Gisèle. 2002. L'importation de la littérature hébraïque en France: entre communautarisme et universalisme [Importing Hebrew literature into France: between communalism and universalism]. In Aymard, Maurice, Jérôme Bourdieu, Patrick Champagne and Olivier Christin, eds. Traduction: les échanges littéraires internationaux [Translation: international literary exchanges]. Paris: Editions du Seuil. pp. 80–98.
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A study of the Hebrew literary works translated into French enables one to investigate the process of importation of foreign literatures, particularly those in minority languages, into a central, dominant language. The rise in the number of translations from Hebrew since the end of the 1980s is not the simple reflection of the intensification of international cultural exchanges and the unification of the book market. It also results from the efforts of a number of specialized mediators: offical representatives of this literature an others, from literary agents to series editors, including translators.
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