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Chaume Varela, Frederic. 1999. La traducción audiovisual: investigación y docencia [Audiovisual translation: research and training]. In Dollerup, Cay, ed. Hispanic Translation Studies. Special issue of Perspectives. Studies in Translation Theory and Practice 7 (2): 221–230.
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This article tries to describe the role of audiovisual translating in the field of Translation Studies. As a research topic, audiovisual translation has been recently studied a) as a process, taking into consideration the genre of audiovisual texts and the semiotic interplay between text and images, and b) as a product, focusing either on film adaptations of former literary works or on the cultural impact that translated audiovisual texts can have on a given target culture. These past ten years have also witnessed the first university courses on audiovisual translation in Spain, in which teachers and researchers have tried to define general learning objectives for translation trainees. In a final instance, a list of research topics is offered based on the features of audiovisual texts that make this type of transfer different from other types of translation.
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