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Rodríguez Espinosa, Marcos. 2005. Jordi Arbonès, traductor de La fira de les vanitats (1984) de William M. Thackeray [Jordi Arbonès, translator of Vanity Fair (1984) of William M. Thackeray]. Quaderns 12 : 59–75. URL
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This article intends to describe the translation strategies used by Jordi Arbonès (1929-2001) in the translation of relevant cultural elements such as food and drink in his Catalan version of William M. Thackeray’s Vanity Fair: La fira de les vanitats (1984). The study is completed with the opinions expressed by the translator in his letters and prologue to the novel, as well as with a comparative analysis of the texts translated into French and Spanish between 1853 and 1962.
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