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Toda, Fernando. 2005. Subtitulado y doblaje: traducción especial(izada) [Subtitling and dubbing: special(ized) translation]. Quaderns 12 : 119–132. URL
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Audiovisual translation (AVT) is subjected to a number of constraints which set it apart from other types, turning it into a specialised variety, different from literary translation. However, there are cases in which the translation of literature is also subjected to constraints, and the procedures employed are very similar to those used in AVT. The rendering of poems and songs requires strategies that have many points in common with screen translation. Awareness of the different historical stages of both the source and the target languages can be as important for screen translation as it is for the rendering of literature. For those reasons, in teaching AVT it is necessary to start off with some aspects of literary translation, and also to have recourse to technical means which can demonstrate in practice the way in which audiovisual texts are constrained. [Source: abstract in journal]
Source : Abstract in journal