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Corsellis, Ann and Edda H. F. Ostarhild. 2001. Selection of students for training: at first degree and initial professional level. In Hertog, Erik, ed. Aequitas: access to justice across language and culture in the EU. Antwerp: Lessius Hogeschool. pp. 89–98.


This chapter deals with the selection of students at the first degree and intitial professional level in the field of legal translation and interpreting. First a number of selection criteria are discussed, which can be divided into a three-part list: 1) selection criteria determined by the needs of clients; 2) selection criteria determined by the skills and qualities required; 3) selection criteria determined by course needs. Furthermore the author looks at the selection methods, the choice of selection assessors and how to deal with those who do not pass the assessment.
Source : P. Van Mulken