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Pajares Infante, Eterio. 2002. Traducción en la emigración: Pablo de Mendibil y su No me olvides de 1828 [Translation and emigration: Pablo de Mendibil's Forget Me Not (1828)]. In Lafarga Maduel, Francisco, Concepción Palacios Bernal and Alfonso Saura, eds. Neoclásicos y románticos ante la traducción [Neoclassics and romanticists' comments on translation]. Murcia: Universidad de Murcia. pp. 73–86.
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The first three decades in 19th century Spain were characterised by several emigration waves due to instability and prosecution of liberal scholars and writers. This article discusses the translation of No me olvides into English in 1828 by Pablo de Mendibil, a Spanish immigrant to England.
Source : P. Van Mulken