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García Armendáriz, José-Ignacio. 2002. Lucrecio en la España de Fernando VII [Lucretius in Spain during the reign of Ferdinand VII]. In Lafarga Maduel, Francisco, Concepción Palacios Bernal and Alfonso Saura, eds. Neoclásicos y románticos ante la traducción [Neoclassics and romanticists' comments on translation]. Murcia: Universidad de Murcia. pp. 103–118.
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This article examines the translation of Lucretius in 19th century Spain. Lucretius' poems are abundant with doctrine, namely the philosophical system of Epicurus and there is a substantial confrontation between the emergent liberalism in 19th century Spain, associated with Lucretius and absolutism, personified by the monarch Fernando VII.
Source : P. Van Mulken