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Gile, Daniel. 1982. Fidelité et littéralité dans la traduction: une approche pédagogique [Fidelity and literality in translation: a pedagogical approach]. Babel 28 (1) : 34–36.
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Translations of translators in training, beginners, amateurs, bilinguals and even specialists are characterized by errors and heavy expressions. When examining the method of non professionals the following is revealed: the message is captured and the translator attempts to reproduce it as faithfully as possible. While doing so, the translator encouters incompatibilities between the source language and the target language. Eventhough beginners are aware of their errors they cannot improve their translation without the sacrifice of information elements of the original texts. The present article attempts to examine and resolve this obstacle by providing a rudimentary theoretical model explaining certain aspects of the relation between language and meaning in an informative text.
Source : P. Van Mulken