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Halverson, Sandra L. 2004. Assumed translation: reconciling Komissarov and Toury and moving a step forward. Target 16 (2) : 341–354.
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In his Forum paper (1996), Vilen Komissarov takes up Toury's notion of the 'assumed translation'. Komissarov's primary concern is with the delimitation of our object of study, and in dealing with this topic he suggesst a two-part strategy: first, a new definition of translation and second, a revision of Toury's idea. This article is a response to Komissarov's position paper. The author first briefly comments on Komissarov's philosophical starting point, suggesting that the two parts of Komissarov's overall strategy are not commensurate with each other. Then, she discusses the definition put forward by Komissarov. The author next discusses the second part of the author's strategy: the revision of 'assumed translation'. Finally she proposes an approach that partially reconciles Toury's 'assumed translation' and Komissarov's concerns.
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