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Lewicki, Roman. 1994. Das Wesen und die Träger von Fremdkonnotation in der Übersetzung [The nature and the holder of foreign connotations in translation]. In Králová, Jana and Zuzana Jettmarová, eds. Translation strategies and effects in cross-cultural value transfer and shifts. Special issue of Folia Translatologica. International Series of Translation Studies 3: 55–61.
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Special Issue.


The recipient of a translation is always confronted with a foreign cultural context. This specific feature of translations to function in a foreign cultural context, implies that the translation provides some new type of information, which the author calls 'foreign connotation'. This 'foreign connotation' causes the recipient to make associations with foreign countries, cultures and languages. This article discusses the nature of 'foreign connotation' and discusses its different holders, being a) proper names and terms of address; b) realia; c) barbarisms and neosemantisisms; d) phraseological units; e) grammatical elements; f) lay-out. [Source: P. Van Mulken]
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