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Moreira da Silva, Isabel M. 1994. Das Bild beim interkulturellen Transfer von Kinderbüchern (eine Herausforderung für den Übersetzer) [Illustrations and the intercultural transfer of children's literature (a challenge for translators)]. In Králová, Jana and Zuzana Jettmarová, eds. Translation strategies and effects in cross-cultural value transfer and shifts. Special issue of Folia Translatologica. International Series of Translation Studies 3: 75–82.
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Special Issue.


Texts and image produce equal evocation in the human mind. Eventhough they represent two different types of interhuman communication, they also complement each other. Images are an important part of children's literature, therefore having a major impact on the translator's text reception and on the target audience. The present article examines the problems and reception of images by means of a German translation of the Portuguese children's book Flor de Mel (Wenn Melinda träumt).
Source : P. Van Mulken