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Králová, Jana and Zuzana Jettmarová, eds. 1993. Translation strategies and effects in cross-cultural value transfer and shifts. Special issue of Folia Translatologica 2 170 pp.
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Special issue
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Prague: Charles University
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Special issue on the 8th International Conference on Translation and Interpreting held in Prague, 20-22 October 1992; Selected Proceedings 1


This edited volume comprises three major parts. The first part is devoted to general issues of translation theory, the second to interpreting theory and the last part to translator and interpreter training. Among the topics discussed are the problem of translatability, new trends in translatology, shifting perspectives in translator training, the cultural barrier and translation strategies, the purpose of interpreting studies, interpreting at conference talks, conference interpretation in the classroom, etc. [Source: P. Van Mulken]
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