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Tao-hsung Chang, Vincent. 2003. Form and function in translation: analysing Advertising and English. In Veisbergs, Andrejs, ed. The third Riga symposium on pragmatic aspects of translation. Riga: University of Latvia.
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This paper aims to explore the dialogic relations between form and function in Mandarin Chinese translation texts by looking into the print advertisements in the book entitled Advertising and English. Data for analysis are chosen on the grounds of the remarkable trends conveyed therein. This functional linguistic study reveals that translation may well be a symbolic domain, serving as an arena where the competing ideologies and changing values could be communicated. By employing some particular translation strategy along with various rhetoric devices the author/book invites, and persuades the audience to recognise the prominent value structures interacting with his conceptural frames, further shaping social cognition, and thus keeping the dialectial relationship between sociocultural structures and social practice/discourse/translation.
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