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Jääskeläinen, Riitta. 2003. Novice into expert - the first step: analysing first-year students' mind maps related to "translation". In Veisbergs, Andrejs, ed. The third Riga symposium on pragmatic aspects of translation. Riga: University of Latvia.


In this paper the author attempts to investigate developments in Finnish translation students. To investigate the development of student's conceptualisations of translation/interpreting (T/I), the author has collected mind maps from first-year students of translation. Mind maps represent the students' understanding of what is involved in T/I in a relatively spontaneous form. The first mind maps have been produced in their first Introduction to translation studies class in the middle of the autumn term. The second mind maps have been produced at the end of the academic year when the students have finished the introductory course and handed in all their assignments. In addition to providing teachers with a better understanding of the developments in their students' thinking, the mind maps help make students aware of how much they have learned during the first year.
Source : Based on abstract in book