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Fernández Polo, Francisco Javier and Manuela Palacios González. 1994. Literalidad y literariedad en la traducción de la poesía de E.E. Cummings [Literality and literariness in the translation of the poetry of E.E. Cummings]. Babel 40 (3) : 170–177.
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The authors attempt to prove that a reasonably literal translation of E.E. Cummings is both more literary and adequate than a free one. Since Cummings' poems are a paradigm of literariness achieved by the transgression of the norm, the authors believe that his break with typographical, syntactic and morphological conventions must be maintained in their translation. The danger of correcting Cummings' transgressions in translations for fear of the effects those "errors" might have on the reader is discussed. The authors also warn against giving an interpretation of those transgressions rather than a translation, as an interpretation will eliminate the effect of the radicality of these poems, will restrict the multiplicity of connotations of the original, and will rob the reader of the pleasure of making sense out of a poem that sounds hermetic at a first reading.
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