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Sales Salvador, Dora. 2004. Puentes sobre el mundo: cultura, traducción y forma literaria en las narrativas de transculturación de José María Arguedas y Vikram Chandra [Bridges over the world: culture, translation and literary form in the narratives of transculturation of José María Arguedas and Vikram Chandra]. Bern: Peter Lang. 677 pp.


Spanish-American literature and Indian writing in English are both often evoked as key instances of third-world or postcolonial writing. However, comparative critical studies have been thin on the ground. A contribution to filling that gap is offered here from the Spanish-speaking side. The author, who originally submitted this work as her doctoral thesis, weaves a dense and convincing comparative analysis of two texts from those two literatures, successfully integrating her discussion within a multidisciplinary theoretical framework. The novels analysed are Los ríos profundos (Deep Rivers, 1958), by the Peruvian José María Arguedas, and Red Earth and Pouring Rain (1995), by the Indian Vikram Chandra. The author powerfully illuminates these texts with the aid of an elegant five-branched candelabrum, deploying theoretical perspectives embracing the following disciplines: literary theory (especially postcolonial); comparative literature; anthropology; Translation Studies; and cultural studies.
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