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Cerviño López, Sonsoles. 1998. A traducción da rima nunha obra de Bertolt Brecht [The translation of rhyme in a work of Bertolt Brecht]. ViceVersa 4 : 157–162. URL
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The present article seeks to provide an answer to the following questions: 1) Is it necessary to preserve the rhyme of the original text in the translation?; 2) What is more important, content or form? The author does not attempt to find a final answer but his objective is to formulate one by lranslating part of Bertolt Brech's Der aufhaltsame Aufstieg des Arturo Rei into Galician. One of the most distinctive features of Bertolt Brecht's works is the so-called "Verfremdungseffekt" or "V-effekt", which is mainly achieved by rhyme. Eventhough the main character's discourse is written in verse, rhyme occurs at specific place: rhyme in the discourse of the narrator, in the epilogue, at the end of each scene and in the florist scene. The author attempts to present solutions for the problems related to every particular place.
Source : P. Van Mulken