Integrational linguistics

Roy Harris
Table of contents

Integrationism is the name given to an approach to language and communication originally developed by a group of linguists at the University of Oxford during the 1980s, and continued internationally since then. Integrational linguistics is the application of integrationist principles to the study of language. The International Congress of Linguists included panel sessions on integrational linguistics at the XVth world congress (Quebec 1992) and the XVIth (Paris 1997). Publications which discuss the integrationist approach in most detail are Davis & Taylor (1990); Toolan (1996); Harris (1996); Harris (1998) and Harris & Wolf (1998). An International Association for the Integrational Study of Language and Communication was founded in 1998. Integrationism is claimed by its adherents to offer a perspective which differs radically from that adopted by the recognized mainstream ‘schools’ of linguistic theory.

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