Author index


Aaltonen, Sirkku   Drama translation

Ahrens, Barbara   Neurolinguistics and interpreting

Alves, Fabio   Cognitive approaches | Relevance and translation

Alvstad, Cecilia   Children’s literature and translation | Voices in translation

Angelelli, Claudia   Testing and assessment in Translation and Interpreting Studies

Antonini, Rachele   Natural translator and interpreter | Non-professional translators and interpreters

Apfelthaler, Matthias   Empathy

Arrojo, Rosemary   Philosophy and translation

Assis Rosa, Alexandra   Descriptive Translation Studies (DTS)


Bachmann-Medick, Doris   Translational turn

Ballard, Michel   Unit of translation

Bandia, Paul F.   Orality and translation | Post-colonial literatures and translation

Basalamah, Salah   Translation rights

Baumgarten, Stefan   Ideology and translation

Boase-Beier, Jean   Stylistics and translation

Bowker, Lynne   Computer-aided translation | Digital humanities and translation studies

Branchadell, Albert   Minority languages and translation

Brems, Elke   Reception and translation

Brownlie, Siobhan   Committed approaches and activism

Buzelin, Hélène   Agents of translation


Cabré, M. Teresa   Terminology and translation

Caimi, Annamaria   Subtitles and language learning

Cao, Deborah   Legal translation

Čeňková, Ivana   Sight translation: Prima vista

Chang, Nam Fung   Polysystem theory and translation

Chesterman, Andrew   Models in Translation Studies | Translation universals | Translator studies

Cirillo, Letizia   Healthcare interpreting

Colina, Sonia   Evaluation/Assessment

Conway, Kyle   Cultural translation

Cordingley, Anthony   Genetic translation studies

Cronin, Michael   Ecology of translation | Globalization and translation | Travel and translation


Dam, Helle V.   Consecutive interpreting

Delabastita, Dirk   Literary studies and translation studies | Literary translation

Desjardins, Renée   Food and translation | Social media and translation

De Sutter, Gert   Contrastive Linguistics and Translation Studies

D’hulst, Lieven   Assumed translation | Translation history

Díaz Cintas, Jorge   Subtitling | Voiceover and dubbing

Diriker, Ebru   Simultaneous conference interpreting and technology

Dizdar, Dilek   Deconstruction | General translation theory

Domínguez, César   World literature and translation


Ehrensberger-Dow, Maureen   Ergonomics and translation workplaces

Emmerich, Karen R.   Visibility (and invisibility)

Englund Dimitrova, Birgitta   Translation process


Fisher, Des   Computer-aided translation

Flynn, Peter   Author and translator | Ethnographic approaches | Methodology in Translation Studies

Folaron, Deborah   Networking and volunteer translators | Translation tools | Web and translation

Forcada, Mikel L.   Machine translation today


Gagnon, Chantal   Political translation

Gambier, Yves   Genres, text-types and translation | Methodology in Translation Studies | Teaching translation / Training translators | Translating social sciences | Translation strategies and tactics

Gile, Daniel   Institutionalization of Translation Studies | Scientificity and theory in Translation Studies

Gonçalves, José Luiz   Relevance and translation

Göpferich, Susanne   Transfer and Transfer Studies

Gouadec, Daniel   Quality in translation

Grbić, Nadja   Bibliometrics | Common grounds in Translation and Interpreting (Studies)


Halverson, Sandra   Translation

Hansen, Gyde   Translation ‘errors’

Harding, Sue-Ann   Narratives and contextual frames

Henitiuk, Valerie   Indigenous peoples and translation

Hertog, Erik   Community interpreting

Hewson, Lance   Lingua franca

House, Juliane   English as a lingua franca and translation | Overt and covert translation | Text linguistics and translation

Hubscher-Davidson, Séverine   Emotions and translation

Hurtado Albir, Amparo   Cognitive approaches | Competence


Jääskeläinen, Riitta   Think-aloud protocol | Translation psychology

Jones, Francis R.   Poetry translation


Kaindl, Klaus   Comics in translation | Representation of translators and interpreters

Kalina, Sylvia   Quality in interpreting

Katan, David   Intercultural mediation | Status of translators | Transcreation

Kelly, Dorothy   Curriculum | Translation didactics

Kenny, Dorothy   Ethics in translation and for translators

Koskinen, Kaisa   Institutional translation | Retranslation

Koster, Cees   Comparative approaches to translation

Kruger, Jan-Louis   Eye tracking

Künzli, Alexander   Empirical approaches

Kussmaul, Paul   Semantic models and translation


Laiho, Leena   Original and translation

Lambert, José   Interdisciplinarity in Translation Studies

Lavieri, Antonio   Anthropology and translation

Laviosa, Sara   Corpora

Leal, Alice   Equivalence

Lederer, Marianne   Interpretive approach

Leeson, Lorraine   Sign language interpreting and translating

Leppihalme, Ritva   Realia

Liao, Min-Hsiu   Popularization and translation


Mahieu, Marc-Antoine   Indigenous peoples and translation

Malmkjær, Kirsten   Language learning and translation | Language philosophy and translation | Linguistics and translation

Marais, Kobus   Complexity in translation studies | Development and translation

Marinetti, Cristina   Cultural approaches

Matamala, Anna   Audio description

Mateo, Marta   Music and translation

Matsushita, Kayo   Risk in translation

Merkle, Denise   Censorship | Official translation

Meylaerts, Reine   Multilingualism and translation | Translation policy

Milton, John   Adaptation

Montalt, Vicent   Medical translation and interpreting

Montgomery, Scott L.   Scientific translation

Montini, Chiara   Self-translation

Moser-Mercer, Barbara   Remote interpreting

Mossop, Brian   Revision

Munday, Jeremy   Translation Studies

Muñoz Martín, Ricardo   Situated cognition


Naudé, Jacobus   Religious translation

Naudé, Jacobus A.   Religious texts and oral tradition

Neather, Robert   Museums and translation

Nord, Christiane   Functionalist approaches


O’Brien, Sharon   Collaborative translation | Post-editing

Olohan, Maeve   Commercial translation

Orero, Pilar   Voiceover and dubbing

O’Sullivan, Carol   Creativity | Pseudotranslation


Paloposki, Outi   Domestication and foreignization | Retranslation | Translation criticism

Piekkari, Rebecca   International business and translation

Pięta, Hanna   Indirect translation

Pöchhacker, Franz   Interpreting | Interpreting Studies | Media interpreting | Multimodality in interpreting | Teaching interpreting / Training interpreters

Pokorn, Nike K.   Directionality

Polezzi, Loredana   Migration and translation

Popa, Ioana   Communism and Translation Studies


Rabadán, Rosa   Applied Translation Studies

Ramos Pinto, Sara   Reception and translation | Sociolinguistics and translation

Remael, Aline   Audiovisual translation | Media accessibility

Ringmar, Martin   Relay translation

Risku, Hanna   Knowledge management and translation

Russell, Debra   Court/Legal interpreting

Russo, Mariachiara   Corpus-based interpreting studies | Simultaneous interpreting


Salama-Carr, Myriam   Conflict and translation

Sapiro, Gisèle   Editorial policy and translation

Schäffner, Christina   Discourse analysis | Norms of translation | Theory of translatorial action

Schäler, Reinhard   Localization and translation

Schubert, Klaus   Technical translation

Seruya, Teresa   Anthologies and translation

Setton, Robin   Conference interpreting

Shlesinger, Miriam   Relay interpreting

Shreve, Gregory M.   Bilingualism and translation

Simon, Sherry   Hybridity and translation | Translation zone

Snell-Hornby, Mary   The turns of Translation Studies

St. André, James   Metaphors for translation

Stecconi, Ubaldo   Rhetoric and translation | Semiotics and translation

Stolze, Radegundis   Hermeneutics and translation

Strowe, Anna   Power and translation

Sulaiman, M. Zain   Tourism translation

Sütiste, Elin   Intersemiotic translation


Tahir Gürçağlar, Şehnaz   Paratexts

Taylor, Christopher John   Multimodality and audiovisual translation

Tesseur, Wine   NGOs and translation

Tietze, Susanne   International business and translation

Toury, Gideon   Translation problem

Tyulenev, Sergey   Social systems and translation


Valdeón, Roberto   Information, communication, translation | Nation, empire, translation

Valdeón, Roberto A.   Publishing in Translation Studies

Valdés, Cristina   Advertising translation

Vandaele, Jeroen   Humor in translation | Wordplay in translation

Vandepitte, Sonia   Contrastive Linguistics and Translation Studies

van Doorslaer, Luc   Alternative labels for “translation” | Bibliographies of translation studies | Eurocentrism | Impact of translation theory | Journalism and translation | National and cultural images

van Wyke, Ben   Ethics and translation

Vermeerbergen, Myriam   Sign language interpreting and translating

von Flotow, Luise   Gender in translation


Wadensjö, Cecilia   Status of interpreters

Wang, Ning   Postmodernism

Wilson, Rita   Tourism translation

Wolf, Michaela   Common grounds in Translation and Interpreting (Studies) | Sociology of translation

Woodsworth, Judith   Impact of translation


Zanettin, Federico   Translating popular fiction

Zethsen, Karen Korning   Intralingual translation